3:59 am

I can’t believe you are 17 today. Seventeen. It seems crazy to me. I remember when you were 5. I remember when you were in my belly. I remember you had the hiccups everyday. Every. Day! I remember every year, but still it’s hard to believe that all this time has passed. You have grown to be this amazing young man. We both are so proud of you and love the person you have become.

You are deeply rooted. You are loyal and proud. You are confident and careful. You are strong. And you are gentle. You care. A lot. You are funny. You are smart. You are creative. You are pieces of dad, and you are pieces of me. And you are completely and utterly amazing. 

3:59 am, 17 years ago.

I can’t just tell you I love you. It’s not enough. It never has been. So, Pooh Bear, Happy Birthday … I love you more than cookie dough. I love you to the moon and back. I love you xo


Boudie girls

That’s me? Wow … I’m, beautiful! Yes you are! 

I hear that every single boudoir session. And I LOVE it! We are all beautiful. No matter the size, or the colour of our hair. A boudoir session isn’t about the lingerie. It means different things for different women. But mostly, I believe it’s about reminding yourself of just how hot you are! We don’t walk around looking like models everyday. Or have our hair and makeup done. Not every day. But for one day … why not?

All my boudie girls are everyday women coming from all walks of life. Not models. And they are all beautiful. Each one of them. Each boudie girl has given me the gift of being able to show them just how beautiful they are. And I think that’s the best gift ever!

So for whatever reason it is, you should celebrate it. And remember, it is ok to do it just for you :) 














Crazy how a dog can have hold of your heart.


You were a big girl. Big in every sense of the word. You gave big love, you were big time smart. Big beyond protective. Big loyal. Big beautiful. 

We Knew for a while you and I.

My regular shut down, goodnight house routine last night was quite. On the porch, the biggest snowflakes softly fell. No wind. A super still night.  I still said our goodnight.

I think spring is very close.

Thanks for guarding the fort. Sleep well Hoochie Momma.xo.MeandHooch.jpg


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