You want to book a boudoir session ... BUT

I bet you have some fears. Fear of the unknown? What exactly happens during a boudoir session?

Well let me clear up a few ‘fears’ that I have come across and hopefully will ease your mind, and get you infront of my camera!

A boudoir session is defineatly something that ever women should experience. Don’t let ‘fear’ stop you.

Fear doesn’t shut you down; it wakes you up.





Yes you are. Did you hear that? Yes. You. Are. Sexy is so different for everyone. BUT everyone is sexy. Maybe it’s heels, garters, and a stunning corset. Maybe it’s a tank top. Maybe it’s just a sheet. It could be a parka! lol … it’s NOT what’s on the outside … it’s in YOU. Outfits help bring out your sexy-ness, and damn it, it’s fun! Believe me, we all have that sex kitten in us. It just looks different for everyone. And, well, different is good :) I help to bring out that side of you … if you so require the help :) I love discussing our ‘game plan’ … what outfits, how you want the overal look and feel to be. What girl doesn’t love playing dressup! And what girl has put herself at the end of  the ever ending list of people to make happy. Put yourself first. It’s not selfish. It’s good for your soul. Your loved ones will appreciate your ‘strut’ in your step after your self esteem has had a major ass kicking … in a good way :)



No I won’t. Unless you let me :) Believe me … I would LOVE to! I get so uber excited about your session.

Before, during, and after! lol … I just get excited. And then when you see your photos and you get excited, I get excited again! lol … It’s because I want the world to see the beauty that I see from behind my lens. What your loved ones see. What you maybe forgot, and now see again :) So, stop fearing that you’re going to open Facebook and see your boudie all over the place. I take our boudoir experience very serisouly, despite my excitement. Sharing your photos is discussed. Your discretion and your wishes is most important to me.

Most of my boudie sessions are reserved for private eyes only.



I can prove you wrong. Guaranteed. BUT first … you must stop with the bad talk. Easier said then done. But why not make this your reason to start? Start loving yourself. Right now. Today. Not 10 pounds later. Not when you have the perfect tan. NOW. Believe me, in 20 years you will look back and say WOW I was hot! So why not say it now. So with the perfect attitude going into your session, great hair and makeup, some killer outfits, and some cute ones (whatever YOUR sexy is) and the best posing and lighting … YOU will walk away with some awesome hot photos!


So, if you have any other ‘fears’ about booking a boudoir session, send me a note. I would love to clear the air.

Put you at ease. And make you see that THIS is the time to celebrate you.



Boudie Talk

A friend of mine suggested Deb when we were discussing boudoir shoots and how I’ve always wanted to do one, and I was blown away at how great she was!! Right from the beginning when we were just discussing the details and throwing out ideas, Deb was super excited about some of my suggestions and had tons of ideas herself! The day of the shoot was amazing! Deb made sure I was super comfortable and got some amazing shots! I love her style and energy so much I’m getting her to do our engagement shoot!

Boudie Girl ~ Laurie


Where it began ... my love affair with boudoir

This was the start of my love for boudoir. It was four years ago. My room. Morning light. A remote. A ball of nerves. A gift for my love. But mostly, a gift that I so needed to give myself. Always hard on myself, and so easily I would find the wrongs. I have to say that this was about the time that the negative chatter in my head started to quiet. I had these beautiful photos of myself, to remind me of my beauty. Of what makes me sexy. My gift to my love was well received of course. But I think that the best gift for him was that this session gave me a boost. A self esteem kick in the ass. And one that I needed deeply. One that only I could give myself. It wasn’t just the nerve to get in front of the lens, but it was to accept that I am, well, a boudie girl! 



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