TJ and Jackie

The sweetest couple. Kind. Loving. Funny. And so so in love. A love that matters. I believe their love story is one that will have a very happy ever after xo

I only take on a few weddings each year, and I was completely honoured to share their day, and capture their love … my friends, Jackie and TJ :)

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TJ and Jackie decided on a first look. This was my first experience with shooting a first look … and let me tell you … you could feel the anticipation … and then the extreme love they have for each other. It was the sweetest … And the location? yeah … these guys were fun!

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There are so many photos to share … this is just a quick look into their amazing day.

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 And that’s one happy groom ;)


High School Senior Portraits - Niagara Photographer

It’s a big deal. You have reached the finish line of high school. Big plans await you next year. Maybe it’s more school. Maybe it’s work. Maybe it’s travel. But there’s no going back now. 

You should be proud of where you are. And who you are. And who you plan on being. Celebrating this milestone in your life is what you should do. Freeze frame life for just a moment. Because it goes by so fast. So grab your best outfits, or even a friend, and let me photograph you as you are, right now. Because you will never be this person again :) 

And then …. go fulfill those dreams. Dream BIG. Dream LARGE. Just DREAM.







Embrace the changes

We all know that confidence is beauty. But strength is beauty as well.


We take for granted the little things in our lives. We are not always in the moment. Sometimes we forget to give ourselves a break. And most times, we just forget to breath. But when something so big as cancer comes into our lives, things tend to change. Breathes are deeper. Hugs are longer. Little moments are so very important. And being present in the moment never felt so good. We begin to feel again. We slow down, and take it all in. But it takes strength to embrace those changes. To be ok with all that cancer has changed. And to come out on the other side … smiling.


Deby came to me as a contest winner. A breast cancer survivor. A mother. A beautiful woman with an enourmous smile. A generous friend. We share mutual friends in the facebook world, and all the loving comments describing Deby were so overwhelming, I couldn’t wait for our session. I was nervous, and so was she. I wanted so much to give her this experience, not only as a cancer survivor, but as a woman. She needed to feel sexy. All woman do. But Deby needed it just a little bit more.


She told me that she has always wanted to do a boudoir session, but admitted that if she didn’t win the contest she probably wouldn’t have. I know we are both glad she won. She is reminded every time she looks at her photos, just how sexy of a woman she is, and always has been. It’s put a strut in her step. I am reminded that a boudoir session means so many different things to each woman. My heart bursts when I get to show a woman her beauty. But having a session with Deby, made the very core of me happy :)



So don’t wait for the big changes to occur in your life to do the things that you always wanted to do. The things that you think you’ll ‘get around’ to doing. Time ticks fast. And you just never know what is around the corner. But whatever it is, embrace the big changes with a smile. Head on.







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