Boudie Girl Natalie

There are so many different reasons why women come and experience a boudie girl session. I love hearing their stories. We all have one. Each story is unique, but there are so many common reasons, and similaries for wanting and finally doing a shoot.

Being a new mom is certainly top on the list. It is by far one of the most life altering events in our lives. Our role has now suddenly changed. It’s not just ourselves to worry about anyone. This tiny beautiful human demands all of our love, attention and time. Mom guilt automatically sets in whenver we want to do something for ourselves, and only ourselves, which is why moms tend to put themselves on the bottom of their ‘get to’ list. It’s a crazy balance of giving to others and giving to yourself, that we struggle to juggle (hmmmm I’m a poet lol) There are a few important things I can share to any moms out there. 1. Let go of some of that guilt. Do make time for yourself, even if it’s running a bath and closing the door for an hour. You deserve and absolutely need solitude. Your brain craves it … take the time to breathe. I can promise you that when you take care of yourself, even the little small things, it makes you happier, when in turns makes everyone around you happier.  2. You just had a baby, and it took you nine months to get here. Please stop expecting your body to bounce back immediately. It took you nine months to beautifully make a human being. Your body has now changed for the better. Your hips are wider and your heart is so much fuller! Embrace and celebrate it! And 3. The most important point I can make here … from experience … STOP BEING SO HARD ON YOURSELF. You got this girl. You seriously got this. 

And now Boudie Girl Natalie … in her own words.

I booked the session as a 30th bday gift to myself and since me and Matt are 3 weeks apart I was able to give him the little black book as a gift. The best part was how you made me feel during the shoot. I was so comfortable the whole time. And considering I was on Mat leave when I did the shoot, it was awesome to have a day about me! Wine, hair/makeup, the shoot













I had two reservations before booking. Could I justify the cost, again being on mat leave. And would I feel comfortable with my post baby body. I figured I only turn 30 once, so why not splurge. And although my body still isn’t what it used to be, it means more to me now that I’ve had a baby.










During the shoot I had a blast, I almost didn’t care about getting the pics because just doing it was so fun. I drove home with a grin on my face and was so happy that I decided to do this for myself. Then I was so happy to see my photos. I could tell it was 100% me, and not just me trying to do this crazy shoot. Your instruction made it so easy, otherwise I would have been so in my head about being sexy.
















You are the best!! And Matt obviously loved the book, and loved how you were able to make me feel good and make it look effortless.






Boudie Girl Shannon

This is a pretty easy post to write. One I believe we all can relate to. Sadly, as women, we are so hard on ourselves. That is one thing we all have in common. No matter your shape, size or age. Some of us hide our insecurities better than others. Don’t be fooled by the woman you see on the street that you think she has it all together. That you wish you looked like her. Guess what, she probably wishes she looked like someone else. It’s seriously such a crazy waste of time. Let’s try and do everything in our power to start loving ourselves NOW. For who we are. For the choices we made. For the skin we are in. So for the rest of this post, I’m just going to let my boudie girl tell her story, in her own words.

Unfortunately, just like the majority of other women, I’ve always been insecure with my body. ALWAYS! I’ve had the opportunity to follow your work for years and always loved the photos you took. There has never been a photo that I’ve seen (that you have snapped) where I’m like “oh god, that is not a flattering photo” it’s more the complete opposite - I’m always admiring the photos of how beautiful each woman is. Like truly beautiful!

For years I continuously said “yeah, maybe I should do it” and just never took it to the next step of booking an appointment. Fear of doing a terrible shoot that made me hate my body even more, fear of not having the confidence while shooting. However, It was after one day having a discussion with my mom about plastic surgery. I probably listed 5 things I said I would get done (you know, if I was rich like the Kardashians). My mom looked at me in shock and said “what would you be teaching your daughter? That you cant be beautiful in the skin your in? That you always need to enhance yourself?” I was kinda taken back by her statement. I’m all for plastic surgery! Especially If it’s something that will make a woman feel more confident - than hell yeah, do it!! My mom then continued to ask if I was really that unhappy with my body. Which, I’m not! but with society now a days, it’s so easy to criticize yourself rather than love yourself. My mom then continued to tell me I was beautiful just the way I was, and that I must have a false idea in my head about myself.








The conversation probably sat with me for a good day or two. Being a single mom to a little girl, I thought about what I would say to her if she came to me and said the things I said to my mother. Of course, I would tell her she’s beautiful and she doesn’t need to spend thousands of dollars. I then realized I usually try and see the beauty in everything, and clearly forget to include myself in that equation. So I decided, fuck it!! I’m doing the shoot.

1. To prove to myself I can do it

2. To have these photos to say “yeah I did it, even after having a baby”

3. Not that I want to show them off to my daughter one day, but to show her that I was confident in my body (even if deep down I wasn’t at the time)










So I booked the shoot!! Of course I was scared and nervous, and thought I would be so critical of my body in the photos. What do I wear? Do I try to cover my stretch marks? Do I try and hide my Trouble areas?! I came with so many outfit options and let Deb decide what outfits would be best. Crazy thing is- some of the ones she picked were the ones I was most insecure about wearing. But I left it up to the expert and had trust in her, that she knew what she was doing. The entire shoot was amazing!! I didn’t even need to see the photos. I came out of that shoot on a natural high (ok ok, and maybe a little buzz from the wine). Deb is so comforting and lovable- and dear god does she know how to make a woman feel good. Leaving the shoot, I knew this was the best decision I made. That night Deb posted a sneak peak. When I got the message from Deb telling me to check Facebook. I was excited and nervous all at the same time. I remember pausing to open up my Facebook. I took a deep breath and then *click* there I was. Not just for me to see, but for thousands of other girls who are on debs FB page. I loved the photo!! I literally looked at it and didn’t have a single negative thing to say. Not to mention- all the kind and supportive comments by all these other women. It totally changed my views on myself.





My heart grew that day…..I finally saw what other people saw. With my stretch marks, My loose skin, my scars and war wounds, here I stand!! Just me, and I was proud of everything. It’s crazy that it took pictures of me half naked, to realize every imperfection is actually a perfection of me, it’s what makes me, me! I cannot begin to explain how empowering and fulfilling a “simple photoshoot” can be. I would recommend ANYONE who’s considering booking with Deb to do it. There is no way you will regret it.









I would also add that I’ve realized- when you’re not confident due to your body insecurities- it’s not the flaws of your body that people are seeing, it’s your lack of confidence. When you have confidence all people see is beauty. So be confident in yourself, (even fake it till you make it) because if you continue to be positive, eventually you will start believing it and seeing it within yourself.

Thank you Deb, for helping me love my body.





















Right of Passage?

Let’s talk about posing. And light. The best light. It’s my job (that I love and take very seriously, well, as serious as I can get … you’ll understand when you meet me) to pose you in a way to show off your kickass curves. All of them. In the most flattering ways. Of course wardrobe helps alot. And your attitude. Especially your attitiude. I can certainly help with your wardrobe choices and ideas, you just bring your sassy attitude, ready and willing to let go of the insecurities that drive you mad, and let me show you … you. The way your lover sees you. The way I see you from my beautiful lens.

So back to posing. All of my clients are everyday women like you. Not models. The number one concern is that you will not know what the hell to do. You won’t know how to look sexy, or pose. You’re worried you will look silly. Or goofy. Believe me, I’m the goofy one during our session. So that’s where I come in. I have been shooting beautiful women for 6 years, and love everything about boudoir. If I’m not shooting, you’ll find me lost in inspiration. I know the angles and I play with light. I don’t know how many women I have made boudie girls, but I can say, I know a thing or two about making your best features shine. So believe me when I say you, yes you, can get your sexy ass in front of my camera. No matter your shape, size or age. You need to trust me. You need to get vulnerable. Let down your guard. Embrace what makes YOU sexy.  And just do what I say during your session lol … Yeah, I’m a bit bossy. But you’ll see. And let’s not forget that you’ll be having so much fun, that your worries about those so called ‘flaws’ will just melt away. Could it be the wine? Perhaps. But I truly believe it’s the connection between us when we create your images together, and you let go of all the fears that weigh heavy on you. When you see the back of the camera for the first time, it will ignite a fire in your soul. That girl that didn’t know what to do … is now on her way to being a boudie girl! My ultimate goal, is for that fire to continue to burn well after your time in the boudie studio. After all, boudie girls OWN ‘their’ shit. They OWN ‘their’ sexy. Right of passage? Hell ya … a fucking liberating one.



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