My favourites of 2011

Welcome! If you’re reading this, my first blog post, I thank you. What better way to start the year than to reflect on the past year. 2011 has been an amazing one. I have met some super crazy loving people, that I’m so blessed and honoured to have been able to show them, how I see them. Those moments in between. The glances. The hugs. The touches. The beauty. The crazyness. But mostly, them. The way they are.

I am so looking forward to 2012. This year is my year to take my business that one step farther that fear has kept me from taking. So with the love and support of a ton of amazing clients, friends, family, and fellow photographers, I’m excited for whats to come! I’m ready to JUMP. Both feet. Full body. All heart and all soul.


Welcome! And thanks so much for stopping by. This will be the place for me to showcase my latest work, and personal projects. I hope you stop by often :)