Boudie Girl Denise

I love when my boudie girls want to share their session. I’ve often said that we all have a story and so many of our stories are completely relatable. We are all on a journey of some sorts and we all have struggles, insecurities and fears. When we can talk about those struggles and fears, we are reminded that we are not alone. Women. We are so complex. We have so many layers. So many roles and responsibilities. Sometimes we tend to forget the sexy side. The soft side. We all have it! Just don’t forget to embrace it every so often. It’s just one part of our beautifully chaotic selves that needs to be celebrated.

In her own words:

Many years of being a tough, independent, physically capable girl; rebelling against the girly accouterments that were part of my childhood, and growing up with boys as friends instead of girls, made me into a tom boy. I needed to show myself that I was pretty and sexy and desirable without a man. Some rough relationships left me wondering what was wrong with me - years spent saving the sexy me for special occasions or that special someone. I needed to remind myself that I am that special someone who “sees” the sexy and desirable me, and that is who is the most important. My daily self has to be tough both physically and mentally owning a business, weight lifting, being competitive in sport, coaching athletes and driving people to push their limits; so its easy for me to forget this sexy girl and let her slip away. I need to let the soft side show more. I was hoping this could be the door that lets her walk out 😉

I was definitely a little apprehensive about booking a session - I have never like being photographed, I am always too expressive when caught candidly lol. But I had checked out your work for over a year, watching your facebook page, and every photo I saw left me with a comfortable feeling, I was impressed by how beautiful and sexy all the women looked, how tasteful and artistic the pictures were.

During the session I felt strangely comfortable and I had a ton of fun! It was very liberating 🙂

The best part of the experience would have to be how enjoyable I found it. It was really fun, I laughed a lot 🙂 I felt incredible when I left.

I am still amazed at how incredible the photos turned out. I keep thinking “wow, that’s really me”.

I am sorry if this comes across a bit erratic, I feel like I just vomited truth all over my key board lol - it is hard to put into words how I feel.








































Boudie Girl Kandace

When Kandace came for her photo reveal, she was a completely different woman walking into the studio from when she walked in for her session. I know it sounds cliche, but I seriously believe that a boudoir session changes you. Sometimes the change is subtle. And sometimes the magic that happens when you let go of those insecurities and trust in the process, tends to lead to a significant change. A boudie session is so good for your soul. It’s way more than pretty pictures. Sometimes, it can be life changing.

In Boudie Girl Kandances own words, read about how her session impacted her confidence.

Why did you decide to book a boudoir session?

I decided to book a boudoir session for a few reasons. First reason was I wanted to give my boyfriend something extremely personal and amazing for his birthday. He deserved to have an amazing birthday considering his past few haven’t been all that great. Secondly after having three children I wanted to see myself as my boyfriend sees me and the only way I thought I could see that is by booking a session. Lastly, I just wanted to experience something that I never thought I would have the courage to do!!

Did you have any concerns or apprehension before booking?

Before booking I was not very confident in myself and was very worried about letting myself be vulnerable to someone who I had never met before. I mean, I was going to be stripping down and be half naked to someone else other than my boyfriend! It was a big deal for me because I always covered up. I had stretch marks, scars from my surgery and a little bit of extra weight that I never had before. I had lost my pre-baby body which I loved and could never find the confidence once I had lost it. I had a hard time learning to love the new me.

How did you feel before, during and after your session.

Before the session, I was nervous as hell! My hands couldn’t stop shaking and I could feel my legs getting weak at the knees! Changing into my first outfit I remember just thinking to myself, well you’re here there’s no turning back now. During the session, I started to come out of my shell. I could feel the confidence starting to come out and I was having fun. Who knew you could have fun with someone else half naked! Finally, after the session I couldn’t believe that it was already over. I wanted to keep going!!! I wasn’t the same woman walking out of the studio that I was when I walked in. It was a whole new me that was confident and felt amazingly beautiful. I remember the last thing I said was I will most definitely be back again and this time it will be for myself!

I never thought that I could ever do something like this. I was a nervous wreck and had a hard time seeing myself as other do, as my boyfriend does. I had been through hell and back again and it took such a toll on my confidence, on me as a whole. I had gone from being a confident woman to someone who I couldn’t recognize anymore. It didn’t matter what others said about me being beautiful or sexy, I never believed them. I went from having a flawless body to now a body with stretch marks and scars. I just didn’t feel sexy anymore. I didn’t have the confidence to get the jobs I wanted, my nerves would always get to me. I decided I was going to do this for my boyfriend. I wanted to live outside of the box and give all of me to him in a completely different way. After searching around, I found Deb and I am so thankful that I did. She made the whole experience feel comfortable and amazing. Since I have done the session I have become a new woman! My past, the hurt, the tears, all forgotten. I am more confident than ever. I walk into a room and own it. I am getting the jobs that I wanted, my goals are being accomplished and I have a completely different attitude! All I can see now are new beginnings and a bright future. I would highly recommend all woman to book a boudoir session. It gives you a whole new perspective of yourself and the confidence that all of us women need. I will be back again. There is no doubt about that.

Thank you, Deb, for showing me that I am beautiful, gorgeous and sexy! You gave me back the confidence that I lost long ago and brought back the beautiful woman that I am. I will see you again soon!

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Boudie Girl Jillian

My boudie girl Jillian was one of my first clients in my new studio last year. We had a blast! I just loved her energy and enthusiasm. Like alot of new moms, she was feeling a little lost after having her kids. Not lost lost, but just where did this sexy women go? Sometimes, we forget that we are sexual beings. It’s really ok to be a yummy mummy! We can wear as many hats as we want. And we most certainly can’t forget to wear the hat that says, I’m beautiful, powerful and one hell of a sexy women! Jillian is coming back for round two next month and I CAN NOT wait to see what we capture this time around xo

Here’s Jillian’s story.


I booked my session after extensively combing the Internet for an amazing boudoir photographer. No one else’s portfolios came close to Deb’s and that was BEFORE she had shots from her then brand new studio included! I wanted to gift my images to my fiance before our wedding but also wanted the experience to empower myself after 2 kids.










I had very little concerns leading up to my appointment . Speaking to Deb beforehand, I was very aware that I was in good hands. Hair and make up would be ready and waiting for me, and extensive pin board of woredrobe/ concepts were sent to me immediately and any questions I’d had were answered at the time of booking. Deb is only ever a quick message away!






Leading up to my session I was anxious, but mostly excited to get this thing done! As soon as I arrived that morning, I was greeted by a sign out front welcoming me by name, and two very excited women awaiting me inside! The compliments began immediately and I could feel how genuine they were, which certainly helped settle any nerves and get the ball rolling! Her music was pumping and the wine was flowing!








Nicole did a wonderful job on my look. I felt relaxed and empowered sitting in her chair. The photos themselves were insane fun to take! Deb helped every step of the way with poses which I know many women are worried about. We aren’t professionals, we don’t know what to do with our bodies!! Deb does! She made me look and feel amazing, her studio was beautiful and I honestly was bummed when it was time to get dressed and leave!






DSC_0522.jpgIt’s been a year now since my session and I can’t wait for my second one next month. I’ve been craving this moment since I stepped out of her studio last March.


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